Thursday, October 21, 2004

New Job?

Yesterday afternoon I had a job interview at Jordan Creek Mall with The Three Dog Bakery. They have a kiosk there. I was offered the job if I wanted it. The pay is not very good, they are only offering $8 an hour. That is $2 less an hour than I have been making. I came home and discussed it with my parents. I went to work today and found out my assignment was originally for at least a month which means there are two weeks left. All day I was thinking I should take the job and then thinking it would be too expensive to get out there for $8 an hour. When I got home today I called Adecco and told them that the assignment was for another two weeks and that I was staying there. I called the 3 Dog Bakery and told them that i was not going to take the job and she said that if I changed my mind to let her know. So the door there is not totally shut.

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