Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkey Holocaust

Tomorrow my family and I will be partaking in the annual turkey holocaust. That is what PETA has labeled Thanksgiving. They say we shouldn't eat anything that is alive, but plants are alive, so what are we left to eat? Water? I don't know, I figure if God told us in the Bible that we can eat meat, I'm going to eat meat when and what I want.

So, we shouldn't eat turkey and a Maryland school district is saying that we can't thank God on Thanksgiving. If we can't thank God for our blessings what is the point of Thanksgiving? Believe it or not Thanksgiving is a religious holiday, just like Christmas and Easter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Farewell Dan!

Dan Rather announced he is stepping down from the CBS Evening News anchor desk. All I can say is YAAAY!!!!! He is so biased it's a wonder he can walk upright. Check it out at where they have documented Dan's leftward slant. Check out the bizarre section too.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Church Dinner

My church had our annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner tonight. I took a 9x12 pan of pumpkin pie cake. It was still pretty warm when I got there so it was put in the freezer to cool off. Unfortunately it stayed there until everyone was done eating. I ended up leaving it there for tomorrow. We always have sweets for whoever wants them to eat between services. I'm hoping it all gets eaten tomorrow because we still have some left from the pan I made for the food day at work on Thursday. Most of the food was pretty good. We were only there for 2 hours though. It felt to me like everyone was in a hurry to leave. I don't know if they all had somewhere else to be or what.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Another Cold

I had 2 appointments this afternoon, one was to give blood and the other was for a hair cut. I canceled my appointment to give blood last night because I have a cold. I hadn't had a cold in four years and this year I am dealing with my second one. I forgot how miserable they are. Hopefully I can get back to none for several years like before my surgery. My other appointment I kept because my cold doesn't affect a hair cut unless I sneeze and Bev cuts a big hunk out of my hair (which she didn't by the way).

Monday, November 15, 2004

Complication From Surgery

I went to see my doctor today because I have had pain beside my surgery scar for about a week. He thinks I might have an incisional hernia. He wants me to wait two weeks and see how I'm doing. If it isn't any better I'll have to see a surgeon to see if it needs to be fixed surgically. I would have to have this complication. Dr. Vermilion, my doctor, said it isn't that uncommon for hernias to develop, especially when the scar is as big as mine. I don't have insurance yet so I'm not sure what I am going to do. I'll have to hope that I keep working and that Adecco's insurance will cover it. That won't be until after the first of the year.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

We Are The Red States

This opinion piece was originally posted on and read on Sean Hannity's radio show today. Now if only the liberals could understand this.

We Are The Red States . . .
Published on: 11/07/04

We are the red states.
We listen to talk shows and Fox News.
We tear up when we hear the national anthem.
We drive SUVS and fly business class.
We go through drive-thrus, have mortgages, and shop at Wal-Mart.
We attend BBQs, football games, fire hall meetings, and places of faith.
We believe life is precious and marriage is sacred.
We believe there are some things worth dying for.
We have the utmost respect for those who lay their life on the line defending our freedom and protecting our streets.
We believe religion is not a philosophy but a way of life.
We raise our children as best we can.
We’ll help anyone who really needs it, and not blame others for our own bad choices.
We read our Holy Books.
We pray because we know wisdom comes from God, not man.
We go about our lives quietly as we care for our families.
We might not have time to demonstrate, but we make time to vote.
We expect the values we teach our children to be respected in our schools.
We expect people to say what they mean and mean what they say.
We expect to work hard and earn the just rewards of that labor.
We expect to be able to watch a football game with our kids and not have to worry about the content of the half-time show.
We expect terrorists and those who harm the innocent to be punished.
We are farms, ranches, small businesses, and town squares.
We are BBQs, baseball games, fishing holes, and civic clubs.
We are little league games, piano recitals, Bible Studies, and car pools.
We are grandfathers in Iwo Jima, fathers in Vietnam, and sons and daughters in Iraq.
We are fly-over country.
We are the red states.

Cindy Tucker
LaFayette, Ga

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

The announcement was made today that Yasser Arafat died early this morning. A lot of media people and world leaders are giving tributes to him say he was a great leader. They all seem to forget the fact that HE WAS A TERRORIST!!!!! He was responsible for the deaths of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972. He has a lot of innocent blood on his hands for which he has to answer. He was the father of the modern terrorist. He started hijackings and suicide bombers. If he were a great leader he would have accepted the settlement deal made in 1990. The man wasn't even a Palestinian, he was Egyptian. He was born in Cairo. I can't shed an tears for his passing. Maybe now there will be peace. I doubt if it will happen though, at least not until the treaty made with Israel by the Ant-Christ.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More Job News

I found out today that this assignment may go on for quite a bit longer. The list of work doesn't seem to go done much these days. I was told that there were at least a thousand new Home Depot credit card applications we will have to process. They are very boring to do but they are job security.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Michael Moore Is At It Again

The story is from

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004 10:03 a.m. EST

Moore Predicts Impeachable Bush Blunder

In a bid to encourage demoralized Democrats, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore is predicting that President Bush will become so "cocky and arrogant" that he'll commit an impeachable offense that will end in his removal from office.Moore was silent on the crushing defeat of John Kerry for 48 hours after the election. Then, on Thursday he posted a list of all the Iraq war dead along with a terse statement that he hoped they would "forgive" America for re-electing Bush.

On Friday he elaborated with a list of 17 reasons Democrats need not despair.
"Bush is now a lame duck president," Moore reminded. "It's all downhill for him from here on out."
One likely possibility, says the celluloid conspiracy monger, is that the White House will alienate the GOP base by abandoning Christian conservatives - since he no longer needs them for re-election.
Another is that Bush "will become so cocky and arrogant -- and thus, reckless -- that he will commit a blunder of such major proportions that even his own party will have to remove him from office."
Adds Moore: "This is such a wonderful country -- it doesn't even need a president!"

Joseph Taranto contributed to this report.

Way to go Michael, keep looking for the bright side! Doesn't mean it'll happen but keep those spirits up!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Scott Peterson Question

The jury in the Scott Peterson trial has been deliberating since Wednesday, November 3. My question is concerning the charges he is facing. He is charged with two counts of first degree murder, one count is for his unborn baby. Okay I'm confused, it's murder if the mother wants it and abortion if she doesn't? How does that work? What if a woman is killed on her way to an abortion clinic. Would it still be two counts of murder or only one because she was on her way to kill her baby herself? Who decides these thing? What if she hadn't told anyone if she wanted the baby yet? I'm just so confused!! It was just so much easier when a baby was a baby from conception to birth every time. I don't know, maybe I'm just too old fashioned.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Still Working

I am still on my temp assignment. It has gone twice as long as originally planned which is fine by me. It is still pretty boring but it does pay pretty well.

It's Official

Iowa has a winner and it's George W. Bush!!! Secretary of State Chet Culver said less than one-half of 1 percent separated Bush and Kerry.
As of Friday, Bush had 745,980 votes to 732,764 for Kerry, with the number of outstanding ballots too few to change the outcome.
Culver said part of the reason it took so long to count the ballots is that there was a record voter turnout in Iowa. The results won't be certified until November 29. There are absentee ballots and provisional ballots still being checked. Iowa is now officially a red state!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Prayer violates D.M. mandate

This story from the Des Moines Register is another example of "tolerance" from the liberal left. Religion is fine as long as it isn't Christianity. You have to wonder, if it had been a Muslim or some othe non-Christian religous leader, would anything have been said about a reading from their sacred text? Would a passage from the Koran stir controversy? I think not. One thing the article doesn't say is that the invocation before council meetings is open to all religions.

A reading of the Lord's Prayer before a City Council meeting sparks controversy.
November 4, 2004

A Catholic priest's reading of the Lord's Prayer at a Des Moines City Council meeting last month violated a mandate to avoid endorsements of specific religions, the city attorney said Wednesday. City Attorney Bruce Bergman said Mayor Frank Cownie asked him to explore the issue after the Rev. Jim Kiernan of St. Ambrose Cathedral led an audience of about 60 through a recital of the Lord's Prayer before the Oct. 25 meeting. Bergman determined that the prayer violated a city standard that invocations use God's name in only a generic sense to maintain a separation of church and state. Cownie, a Presbyterian, said the prayer could be deemed offensive to non-Christians and result in a lawsuit or a court order to end all invocations. "We want to do the right thing for all the people in the city of Des Moines," he said. Kiernan declined to comment. His nephew is Councilman Michael Kiernan, who said Cownie used the prayer issue to grind a political ax. The two were on opposite sides of Tuesday's vote to merge Des Moines and Polk County governments. "You have got to wonder about the connection here," Michael Kiernan said. "I feel bad for my uncle that he's being pulled into this. "Most Iowa cities start meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance, said Tom Bredeweg, executive director of the Iowa League of Cities. Bergman said religious leaders invited to open future meetings will be apprised of the rules. Meanwhile, Councilman Archie Brooks said he isn't bothered by the Lord's Prayer. "That's the prayer the Lord taught us," he said.

Election Aftermath

With the stunning win by President Bush the opposition is starting to realize that we, in the majority, don't like them. We don't like what they stand for or how they try to attain it. Now we have to hope they can figure out how to work together with us.

It looks, right now, like Iowa will end up going with Bush. We have not backed a Republican for president since Reagan in 1984. I'm just disappointed Leonard Boswell was re-elected to the Senate. I have objections to many of his views.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four More Years!!!

Morality has won the day!

It's up to you: 20 reasons to vote

I thought this was an excellent list from the Des Moines Register.

Here are 20 reasons why you should vote:
November 2, 2004

1. Because you're for somebody.
2. Because you're against somebody.
3. Because you'll make your sixth-grade social studies teacher happy.
4. Because Iowans may never again wield this much power. Iowa is one of a handful of swing states in what's expected to be a close election. It's why President Bush and Sen. John Kerry campaigned here what seemed like every other day.
5. Because the next time you read abumper sticker that says, "If you don't vote, don't complain," you can stop the driver and gripe to your heart's content.
6. Because sometimes a single vote does count. Four years ago, Al Gore defeated Bush by 4,144 votes in Iowa. That's two votes per precinct.
7. Because there are no television sets in the voting booth, which means the odds are great you will not hear the phrase, ". . . and I approved this message."
8. Because millions of people around the world don't have the chance.
9. Because Americans have died so you can.
10. Because, for some strange reason, it just makes you feel good.
11. Because you'll balance out somebody you really, really disagree with.
12. Because, despite all their wealth, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump get to vote only once. Just like you.
13. Because the experts can poll you and spin you and spend millions of dollars trying to influence you, but they still can't tell you what to do behind that curtain.
14. Because even if it's only an illusion to think you are making your voice heard, that's still better than knowing with absolute certainty that you remained silent.
15. Because your neighbor will. And you don't want HIM choosing your leaders, do you? Hmmm?
16. Because it's free.
17. Because your children will notice.
18. Because you'd stand in line that long for good concert tickets.
19. Because our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and other dangerous places deserve to know you cared enough about them to help choose their commander in chief.
20. Because of United Airlines Flight 93. An amazing thing happened on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, on that hijacked airplane. The 33 passengers knew, from cell phone calls to loved ones, that two other hijacked planes had struck the World Trade Center. Unless they acted, they realized that they, too, were doomed. And do you know what those strangers did?

From the 9/11 report: "According to one call, they voted on whether to rush the terrorists in an attempt to retake the plane. They decided, and acted."

What a remarkable act. With their lives at stake, with their country facing peril, these 33 men and women of diverse backgrounds did a most American thing: They took a vote. They decided to rush the cockpit. And a plane that might have destroyed the White House or U.S. Capitol crashed instead in a Pennsylvania field.

Why vote? Choose your reason.

Honoring their sacrifice will do just fine

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Results

No one is saying it right now but it looks like President Bush is going to win re-election. Yay!! I guess I can sleep easier tonight.

Election Determines Fate of Nation

Election determines fate of nation
written by Mathew Manweller...
Central Washington University political science professor..
"In that this will be my last column before the presidentia lelection, there will be no sarcasm, no attempts at witty repartee. The topic is too serious, and the stakes are too high. This November we will vote in the onlyelection during our lifetime that will truly matter. Because America is at a once-in-a-generation crossroads, more than an election hangs in the balance. Down one path lies retreat, abdication and a reign of ambivalence. Down the other lies a nation that is aware of its past and accepts the daunting obligation its future demands. If we choose poorly, the consequences will echo through the next 50 years of history. If we, in a spasm of frustration, turn out the current occupant of the White House, the message to the world and ourselves will be two-fold. First, we will reject the notion that America can do big things. Once a nation that tamed a frontier, stood down the Nazis and stood upon the moon, we will announce to the world that bringing democracy to the Middle East is too big of a task for us. But more significantly, we will signal to future presidents that as voters, we are unwilling to tackle difficult challenges, preferring caution to boldness, embracing the mediocrity that has characterized other civilizations. The defeat of President Bush will send a chilling message to future presidents who may need to make difficult, yet unpopular decisions. America has always been a nation that rises to the demands of history regardless of the costs or appeal. If we turn away from that legacy, we turn away from who we are. Second, we inform every terrorist organization on the globe that the lesson of Somalia was well learned. In Somalia we showed terrorists that you don't need to defeat America on the battlefield when you can defeat them in the newsroom. They learned that a wounded America can become a defeated America. Twenty-four-hour news stations and daily tracing polls will do the heavy lifting, turning a cut into a fatal blow. Except that Iraq is Somalia times 10. The election of John Kerry will serve notice to every terrorist in every cave that the soft underbelly of American power is the timidity of American voters. Terrorists will know that a steady stream of grizzly photos for CNN is all you need to break the will of the American people. Our own self-doubt will take it from there. Bin Laden will recognize that he can topple any American administration without setting foot on the homeland. It is said that America's W.W.II generation is its 'greatest generation'. But my greatest fear is that it will become known as America's 'last generation.' Born in the bleakness of the Great Depression and hardened in the fire of WW II, they may be the last American generation that understands the meaning of duty, honor and sacrifice. It is difficult to admit, but I know these terms are spoken with only hollow detachment by many (but not all) in my generation. Too many citizens today mistake'living in America' as 'being an American.' But America has always been more of an idea than a place. When you sign on, you do more than buy real estate. You accept a set of values and responsibilities. This November, my generation, which has been absent too long, must grasp the obligation that comes with being an American, or fade into the oblivion they may deserve. I believe that 100 years from now historians will look back at the election of 2004 and see it as the decisive election of our century Depending on the outcome, they will describe it as the moment America joined the ranks of ordinary nations; or they will describe it as the moment the prodigal sons and daughters of the greatest generation accepted their burden as caretakers of the City on the Hill."
Mathew Manweller

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Thoughts

This Web site has an excellent post about why Christians should vote for George W. Bush. I am voting for Bush because he is pro-life and not afraid to stand firm in his convictions. It seems that Kerry will say whatever his audience wants to hear. He'll sat wherever it take to get their vote. It also seems that all Kerry ever does is point out Bush's errors instead of giving real answers of what he plans to do if elected. It seems he has no vision of the future. We need a strong leader who has a plan for the future and not one who just reacts to outside actions. We someone with strong convictions who will stand by them and act upon them when needed.

I just pray that the person the country needs at this point in history is elected. This brings to mind Esther 4:14 For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

My biggest fear is that there will be a repeat of 2000 and the Florida recount fiasco.

I have heard a lot of the talking heads on television talking about how bitter the rhetoric is this election. I think the reason is that we have drifted, or in some cases run, so far from God in this country that society has become less civil and therefore the election commercials have too.

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