Monday, May 01, 2006

Boycott the Boycott Supporters!

Today is the big immigrant boycott day. I found a list in my local newspaper of business that will be closed today in supposrt of the illegal immigrant boycott. I think those of us who are here legally should give them a taste of what a real boycott can do to their economy. I think we should not shop at these businesses tomorrow, but only these businesses.

Do you think it was a coincidence that they planned this on May 1st? For anyone too young to remember, May 1st was the day the Soviet Union would hold big parades to show the world how great their economy was doing and how strong their military was. Now what was it that happened to the Soviet Union? Oh, that's right! The USA beat them, drove them to their economic downfall. One day without these illegals buying anything will mean nothing. They either bought what they needed yesterday or they will buy it tomorrow. In the long run today will mean nothing to the economy. What it will effect is the rest of the country's attitude toward them and what it is exactly they want. Imagine how you would feel if some one snuck in to your house in the middle of the night and set up residence there? Then when you called the police to have them removed they tell you that they can't, or won't do anything about it because it is not a priority. How would you react? Would you sit back and welcome even more in to your home or would you do everything in your power to get the illegals out and stop any future illegals from getting in?

Here's the list:

These businesses have told Iowa organizers of a National Day Without Immigrants that they will close today :

Des Moines
•El Rodeo restaurants, 1234 E. Euclid Ave.; 7420 Douglas Ave.; 1310 N.W. 118th St., Clive
•South Union Bread Cafe, 1011 Locust St.
•Centro Restaurant, 1011 Locust St.
•Raccoon River Brew Pub, 200 10th St.
•Tasty Tacos, 1418 E. Grand Ave. ONLY THIS LOCATION
•Raquel’s Pastry, 1828 Hubbell Ave.
•Lara’s Bakery, 1800 N.W. 86th St., Clive
•Letty’s Beauty Salon, 1705 E. Grand Ave.
•L’ Grand Beauty Salon, 1500 E. Grand Ave.
•Botas Rancho Grande
•Tamales La Rosa
•La Favorita Mexican Grocery store, 1700 E. Grand Ave.
•La Tapatia, 1704 E. Grand Ave.
•El Azteca Mexican Restaurant, 400 Locust St.
•Suenos Felices, 505 Euclid Ave.•Plaza Mexico, 3841 E. 14th St.
•Tiendas de La Cruz, 40074 S.E. 13th St.
•Diaz Auto, 120 E. Euclid Ave., 1711 S.E. 14th St., 3205 E. Douglas Ave.
•El Maya Mexican Restaurant, 1246 E. 14th St.
•Modas Marilyn, 4120 S.E. 14th St.
•Tacos Mariana’s, 2225½ University Ave.

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