Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election fallout

I feel like I live in a land of spoon-fed idiots. The voters have decide to let the Democrats do their thinking for them. I fear what will happen over the next two or more years. Constant investigations and an impeachment hearing of President Bush done out of spite over Bill Clinton's impeachment. I fear what will happen to Iraq when the Dems force us to leave before Iraq can defend itself against the insurgents and Al-Qaeda. They have been saying it's another Vietnam and now they have the chance to muck things up and prove themselves right.

On a local note the Democrats control both houses of the state legislature and the governorship for the first time in 40 years. Here come all the Touch Play machines again, into every place that has room enough for one.

I could be over reacting to all of this, it could end up meaning nothing. The Dems in the U.S. House and Repubs in the Senate could just cancel each others plans out. And once again nothing gets done about anything. I just fear that the Dems will screw up the economy by allowing the president's tax cuts to expire.

I guess the best we can do, as citizen, is hang on for dear life because the ride is gonna get bumpy from here on out. And work even hard to get some common sense elected in the next election. Maybe the citizen who elected these idiots will wake up and see what they've done to the country. One can only hope!

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