Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another Terri Post

Now that Terri Schiavo's case has been sent to a federal judge, my fear is that he will delay his ruling until after Terri is dead and the point is moot. That would certainly eliminate many of the more vexing questions in this case. Some of the politicians are all saying that it's better to err on the side of life, that's why they got involved in this case in the first place.

if Terri were a dog and the owner was found to have starved that dog to death they would face and fine and possibly some jail time. Just watch an episode of Animal Cops on Animal Planet to prove that point.

I am still waiting for someone to explain how a feeding tube is an artificial means for life. Does that mean that anyone unable to feed themselves should be allowed to starve to death? Does that include infants? They are not able to communicate their wishes to another person, should they be allowed to starve? What about a quadriplegic? They can't feed themselves and like Christopher Reeve are on ventilators. They wouldn't even have to starve, just turn off the ventilator, they'll die faster and with less pain and suffering. What about a severely retarded person? If they can't feed themselves should they be starved? What about someone like Stephen Hawking? He can't even speak any more. Should he be starved?

I'm just praying that this Judge makes the decision to investigate the allegations that have been made in this case. Give Terri a chance to get therapy and see if she improves, if she does praise God, if not let die at her own pace feed her until she succumbs to an infection or pneumonia or whatever. She deserves at least as much as any animal in this country! They have laws to protect them, where are the laws to protect her?

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