Monday, March 21, 2005

A Job Update

I called my temp agency this morning like I have done for the last eight weeks and this time I was asked if I wanted to come in and retake the two data entry assessments. I said yes I will come in today. So I went in this afternoon and took the tests and improved both scores. The alpha test I improved by one thousand keystrokes and the numeric score was improved by two thousand keystrokes. On the alpha test I had five errors and the numeric I only had three errors. I was surprised because I don't really like to type that much. After I finished my tests and we were reviewing my results I was told about a temp to hire position with Met Life. I told the temp agency that I wanted to think about whether I wanted to take it only because I had two other jobs for which I was applying. One of them at a costume shop I really don't want if they were to offer. The other is at Earl May, a garden supply store. I am going to call the temp agency tomorrow and tell them I will take it because, as much as I would like to work at Earl May, I doubt I will get a job offer. I talked to the store manager and he said that most of the positions he is looking for now need horticultural experience. I told him I have retail experience but none in horticulture. I worked in retail for a total of eight years with two different companies, three if you count the three weeks I work seasonal night stock at Toys R Us.

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