Friday, May 06, 2005

Another Family Member Passes

We just got a phone call to let us know that my younger sister's mother-in-law, Jean, passed away last night. She had been doing poorly for the last several years and was ill for the last couple of months. She is going to be cremated and buried without any services or memorials. She didn't even want her twin sister found and notified. Jean had two sons, the elder, Jeff, is my sister's husband. He is in the Army and stationed at West Point, New York. He wanted to come home a couple of weeks ago but was sent to Washington instead. At this point I don't know if they are going to come home now. Jean's younger son, Jim, lives here in Des Moines. His wife is upset that they have had to deal with Jean's illness and now death by themselves. They don't stop to think that up until maybe 5 years ago Jeff was the only one helping Jean. Jim was too busy doing his own thing to help with anything for Jean, even when Jeff asked for help. As far as I'm concerned they have no right to complain about anything.

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