Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On The Rollercoaster

Last night one of Dad's doctors told us that he definitely did not have a stroke. Apparently all of his problems were caused by swelling in his brain. They did a CT scan and MRI on Saturday and another MRI yesterday and they are not showing a tumor in the brain either, so right now the doctors don't know what caused the swelling. The plan right now is to let the swelling go down and do another MRI in two weeks. This sounds so much like what we were told when Mom had her aneurysm, her test weren't clear and they waited ten days to do a second CT scan to see how many aneurysms she had and where they were. Yesterday the doctors were planning in doing a lumbar puncture but today decided against it. I never heard why they aren't going to do. I'm guessing it's because the risks don't outweigh the benefits. The radiation doctor said there are three reasons for this swelling: cancer, infection, or something else they haven't found yet. He said it probably isn't an infection so it has to be something else. I think they are all expecting it to be cancer. Dad was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000.

The radiation doctor told Dad that if there is a tumor they will use radiation to kill it because it will probably be cancer. Right now I am clinging to the hope that there is no tumor but if there is it is very small. I just hope I am not setting myself up for a big disappointment.

Every day he seems to be less confused than the previous day. He still seem to be slow in understanding things. He'll comment on something he saw five minutes ago like he just saw it. I assume that will improve with time as the swelling decreases. As always I leave it in God's hands, He can deal with so much better than I can.

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