Friday, May 06, 2005

One Week On The Job

Today marks the end of the first week on my new job. I am doing data entry for Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical claim forms. It is not the most interesting work I've done but right now it is a challenge to get the data entered into the system correctly. Right now every batch I do it is checked for accuracy and correctness and today I had my first error-free batch! I think I am learning pretty quickly. I try not to make the same mistake twice and I think, so far at least, I haven't. Yesterday there wasn't enough work for everyone so we were given the option of going home early or staying and training in another area. I chose to stay because I left early on Wednesday because I had an appointment to give blood an 1 pm and needed the hours. I trained in the "verification of employment" area for Wells Fargo mortgages. The job requires phone work. Yecch!! I hate talking on the phone! I don't think I will do that again, unless the job is changed so there are no phone calls involved.

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