Thursday, September 16, 2004

Doggy Boo Boo

I had to take my dog to the veterinarian yesterday because she was limping and wouldn't put any weight on her rear left leg. I was afraid she had hurt her knee but the vet said her knees and hips are fine. She thinks it was a bee or wasp sting because there was a red spot on her rear left foot and her temperature was elevated a little bit. Dr. Nelson, the vet, gave her an injection of cortisone to counteract the effects of the venom in the sting. She said the effects should last for 24 hours. She said if the limping returned after that she probably strained or sprained something in her leg. If Fawn does start limping again I need to keep as quiet as I can for 2 weeks and hope she heals. Right now she seems fine but the cortisone hasn't worn off yet.

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