Friday, September 24, 2004

Evil Wal-Mart

For the 28th time in my life I have donated blood. I am working on my 4th gallon. One of the questions they ask in the pre-screening is if I have been pregnant in the last 4 weeks. Seeing as how I am almost 11 weeks post-op from my hysterectomy it would be tough to have been pregnant in the last 4 weeks.

In other news, I am finally free of the evilness of Wal-Mart!! I received 26 $5 gift cards to Wal-Mart from Wells Fargo for working overtime during November and December last year. I used the last 2 cards today. I never have to step foot in that evil place again. You might ask why I am calling it evil and I would answer that by saying it is because of their attitude toward other businesses and their customers. They have the attitude that because we are so big we can do anything we want. When I worked for them from 1986 to 1988 we used to laugh when "we" drove a small store out of a town. I remember being glad when Pamida left Indianola after the store opened there. When I worked for Place's the store that was in Indianola closed before Wal-Mart ever opened because we knew we couldn't compete. As far as I'm concerned Wal-Mart is trying to monopolize the market and that is why I say they are evil. They also don't care about their employees. I worked part-time as a cashier and gave breaks to the outlying registers and the snack bar. When I asked the Manager to work in a department he told me "As long as you work for me you will never work the floor because you are too slow." What a way to boost morale! Not long after that I gave my notice and quit.

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