Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It's Fall All Right!

Well, we had to turn on the furnace today. I finally had to wear a long sleeved shirt today. I think the high temperature today was about 68 degrees. I am not sure I am ready for fall or winter yet.

I feel like this whole year has been a waste of time. This whole year I have worked about 6 weeks. I worked for Wells Fargo until January 27 and then I worked for three weeks as a temp in April. I am totally fed up with Adecco and Office Team. Last time I called Office Team they didn't have a copy of my resume so they couldn't do anything until they got that. I replied to the e-mail that I was sent to me from the person I spoke with on the phone. I haven't heard anything since. I have applied to four or five position advertised with Office Team. Adecco has been the agency with which I have had the most assignments in the past. All I get when I call any more is that they will keep my name on the list for assignments. I am almost to the point of "what's the point of calling, it won't make a difference.", but I keep calling, just in case I guess.

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