Friday, August 05, 2005 : News

"7/28/2005 - Vilsack calls for a partial repeal of the tax cuts Congress passed over the past four years.

In response to Vilsack's comments, Iowa Republican Party Chairman Ray Hoffmann of Sioux City said that raising taxes will erase the country's economic progress of the last few years.

'I think Gov. Vilsack just doesn't get it. Tax increases just don't work, they never have worked and I don't think they ever will work. A tax decrease has worked,' he said.

Read the Full Story By Dan Gearino Globe Des Moines Bureau here.

I couldn't agree more! All tax increases have ever accomplished is a cut in spending by businesses and reduced spending by consumers. You can't spend what the government takes away. And it seems the government is all too willing to take your money. Especially when the Democrats are in office!

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